AI in HR: Your Inbox on autopilot with HR HelplineAI

Let HR Helpline efficiently handle the employee emails based on your knowledge base. Work with AI in HR to focus on strategy, not repetitive queries.

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Why Choose HR Helpline?

HR Helpline is a leading AI in HR solution that leverages the power of artificial intelligence in HR to automate routine tasks.

Streamline HR Queries
Automate routine inquiries, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives.
Seamless Integration
Integrate with existing systems in under 30 minutes—no IT support needed.
Slash operational costs by over 80% compared to traditional methods.
Empower Strategic Focus
Enable HR to focus on high-value tasks and enhance employee engagement.

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"Every company should have HR Helpline. It's a a modern HR service desk and a game changer for HR teams."

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Remy Bricaud

CTO - TalentShake

Transform Your HR Operations
& Elevate Employee Experience

Maximize your HR team's impact with our AI for human resources. HR Helpline AI fosters a vibrant workplace by automating routine tasks.

Starter Plan


Ideal for small teams needing basic email query support.

  • Dedicated HR Helpline address
  • Includes 50 email answers per month
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Professional Plan


Perfect for growing companies ready to optimize their HR operations.

  • Dedicated HR Helpline address
  • Includes 200 email answers per month
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Enterprise Plan

On Application

Customized solutions for large organizations aiming for comprehensive HR automation.

  • Integrates with corporate email domain
  • Negociable number of answers per month
  • Negociable turn around time (TAT)
  • Account Manager
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Enhancing HR Efficiency
with AI

Did you know that saving just 36 minutes a day with AI-powered HR automation isn't trivial? It totals 144 hours annually. Discover how leveraging AI in Human Resources can transform these hours into strategic opportunities. Explore the full potential of AI in HR.

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